A Year Later!


Yikes it’s scary and sad at the same time that I have been trying to fight weight for over a year now. The harder I fight the more I gain. I am good to go for a few weeks and then I have food melt downs…it’s been that type of roller coaster for too long and I am jumping in the wagon one more time!

This time I am trying T25 workout regime and a 1500 calorie in take. I have been doing the 1500 calorie for two months now so I feel comfortable with that so I feel like I need to take the next step of adding in some serious workouts!

Today is the Eve of Day one and I need to take before pictures and take down my measurement again a little scared to admit my short comings but I don’t stare it straight in the face then I can’t grow to make healthier lifestyle choices.


I will be updating my progress each week!

Weight 1_6.5
Chest 42
Waist 38 1/2
Arm R 14
Arm L 13
Thigh R 26 1/2
Thigh L 25


Week One AGAIN!


Ok so here’s the problem with NOT sticking to your “HEALTHY LIFESTYLE” you end up being pushed farther back from your goal and have to put even more energy into getting back on track and achieving success.

I am deciding to write because I am one week from running my first 5k race since my second child and I feel like I haven’t properly prepared.

Tonight I am going for a 3 mile run my goal is to run 1.5 miles tonight but I should be at 2.5 miles this point in the game. C’est la Vie!

This week I have also adjusted my caloric intake to 1300 calories a day in order to lose 2 lbs…every I am tempted I remind myself that it won’t taste as good as -2 lbs will feel 🙂

Wish me luck this week and I am praying for strength to make healthy food choices every meal, everyday!

Week 1 update


Day One: Update- ok so last night I almost didn’t exercise but I thought I couldn’t abandon the plan on day 1. So after the babies went to bed I did the workout. Funny enough I felt so good I did 30 sit-ups after. Today I feel pretty good except when I run up the stairs I feel a bit of burn. Which feels GREAT! I feel like last nights workout is a step in the right direction to making a difference.

Hurray, I made it! So I only did my leg workout 3 days this week but I did an ab workout and a 3.15 mile run/walk with my hubby after the 10 minute trainer total body. Sore but excited for week 2.

Week One: focus legs and booty


I have created this blog to follow my own journey; accomplishments and struggles, to lose the extra weight that I gained while carrying my little bundles of joys. My second child is now 7 weeks old and I got the clearance from my doctor that I can get back to work. After my first child I seemed to think all I needed to do was breast feed and the weight would just fall off, HA! Boy was I wrong. Needless to say I learned a lot from my first pregnancy. During my second I knew I couldn’t just answer to all of those “cravings” because I would pay for it later. Which brings me to day 1: I have 9- 10 lbs to lose to be back at my pre-pregnancy baby 2 weight. Unfortunately I have two goals through this journey; to also lose baby 1’s pregnancy weight too. Which means after I lose baby 2s weight I still have 25 more pounds to lose (proof that I caved to EVERY craving with my 1st pregnancy). 🙂 it was delicious.

So I am a BIG pintrestaholic therefore I have been pinning “Get in Shape” pins for the past 10 months so I have a lot to work with. Although one in particular caught my attention and gives me the feeling that “I Can Do It”! The idea of each work out is toning this body in the shortest period of time because with two babies time is not on my side.

Week one I am going to commit to doing this workout 5days no let’s be realistic 3-4 days this week. I got the workout from here

The Workout:
Lunges, 50 reps (25 each leg)
Bodyweight Squats, 50 reps
Back Extensions, 50 reps

And just for fun a BEFORE picture. Scary but much needed!